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Special Brewery Bars: Tiny Rebel, Beaver Town, Hawkshead, Five Towns, and Kona.

Beer Styles Brewery Country ABV Description
Big Wave Pale Ale and IPA Beer Kona Brewing Co American Beer 4.4% Bursting with tropical fruit flavours, this golden ale from Hawaii will have your taste buds tingling. It has a soft fruit aroma that is reminiscent of pineapple and passion fruit, and the taste is fresh with very little dryness and a lot of papaya and pineapple without ever becoming sweet. It’s quick, clean finish that makes you want to drink this beer again and again.
Long Board Lager Kona Brewing Co American Beer 4.6% This island lager, crafted in Hawaii, is a break from the usual American light lagers. It maintains a distinctive biscuit malt taste on the body, but adds north American hops which create a floral aroma and a slightly fruity taste on the finish, along with a dry aftertaste that is the hallmark of all great Lagers.
Hanelei Pale Ale and IPA Beer Kona Brewing Co American Beer 4.5% A superb session strength IPA from Kona Brewing in Hawaii. Hanalei is brewed with passion fruit, guava & oranges (all fruit found on the island) for a big tropical fruit hit, layered over all the hops you'd expect to find in an IPA. This is the perfect beer to see those long summer evenings through.
Ket Lime TAU Golden Ale Hawkshead Brewery American Beer 6.28% First brewed in collaboration with Crooked Stave (USA) for the 2015 International Rainbow Project. A kettle-soured, lactose infused Golden Ale brewed with fresh lime zest and lemon grass to taste biscuity and strongly of lime... just like a key lime pie. We called it Key Lime Tau because of the doubling up - it was a collab between two brewers, has been brewed on both sides of the Atlantic and mathematically Tau is 2 x Pi (3.142) or τ = 2π, which is also the strength - 6.28%... simple really!
Fruli Fruit & Flavoured Beer Fruli Belgian Beer 4.1% This delicious drink is a traditional Belgian wit beer brewed with orange peel and coriander and then blended with real strawberry juice. The result is a fruity, sweet beer with a hint of spiciness, especially on the finish. It’s a fantastic summer beer, makes great beer cocktails and is fantastic with chocolate and fruit desserts.
Windermere Pale Pale Ale Hawkshead English Beer 4% A highly refreshing, very pale ale, bursting with hop character and a fine fruity aroma. Brewed with soft Lakeland water, Maris Otter malted barley and full flower hops - blending three traditional English hops and the modern American hop, Citra.
Hawkshead Lager Lager Hawkshead English Beer 5% A crisp refreshing premium beer, brewed with lager malt, wheat, European hops, soft Lakeland water and ale yeast, top fermented for maximum flavour. Brewed largely for keg and bottle, rarely available in cask.
Chuckleberry Sour Fruit & Flavoured Beer Hawkshead British Beer 3.5% A chuckleberry is a cross between redcurrant, gooseberry and jostaberry, and is full of the flavours of all three. It makes a unique fruit beer - vibrant pink, effervescent, low alcohol, refreshing. The sweet juice balances the lemon citric-tartness of the base beer, a kettle-soured Berliner Weisse, aged post-fermentation, on whole fresh chuckleberries.
Gin & Juice Botanical Pale Ale Tiny Rebel American Beer 4.5% The hip hop world has given us loads of ideas, so we thought it was only right we beerify the most famous cocktail rap has given the world. Gin & Juice is a beer that combines the classic pale ale style, the rich, aromatic notes of gin botanicals and sweet fruit flavours that provide the juice for this party. Bucket loads of juniper berries, citrus peel and aromatic spices give the beer a delicious, dry note, which is balanced out by the juicy fruit flavours from some punchy hops. It's like an afterparty in your mouth! Laid back!
Mutiny Coconut Porter Leeds Brewery English Beer 4.8% Real coconut gives this dark ale a smooth sweetness which is perfectly balanced with dark roasted malts for a smooth, rich finish.
Monsoon Indian Pale Ale Leeds Brewery Indian Beer 4.1% A big, bold IPA. A blend of American hops including Cascade and Chinook create a heavily hopped, fruity, aromatic India Pale Ale.
Floris Framboise Fruit Beer Floris Belgian Beer 3.7% This beer is a deep red, reminiscent of wine, cloudy because of the wheat beer. Very fine, compact and lacing pink foam. The wonderful raspberry aroma perfectly counterbalances the wheat beer with its coriander and orange zest notes. A sweet raspberry mouth feel with the expected long lasting raspberry effect in the aftertaste. This is a very enjoyable raspberry beer with an excellent sweet-sour balance.
Timmermans Peche Fruit Beer Timmermans Belgian Beer 4.0% This beer is made by adding 100% natural peach flavouring to lambic fermenting in oak barrels. This beers characteristic aroma is very pleasant on the nose and it has a velvety flavour and a creamy foam. Timmermeans Peche is a very fruity drink, very easy on the palate, to be drunk with a smile on ones lips. A powerful fruit aroma immediately followed by the flavour of the peach. A mature beer which shows clear evidence of its maceration with the fruit. A sweet and fruity flavour with just a hint of bitterness from the peach kernel and skin.
Motörhead Roadcrew Ale Cameron's Brewery American Beer 4.5% This beer is named after the Motörhead fan favourite ‘(We Are) The Road Crew’, which appears on the 1980s ‘Ace of Spades’ album. The song was penned as a tribute to the band’s dedicated team of roadies. With lines like ‘Another beer is what I need’, the name fits perfectly for a beer everyone can enjoy. Röad Crew, which is available in keg, cask and bottle is based on an American style session pale ale and has an ABV of 4.5% The beer is golden in colour and has a hoppy citrus and blackcurrant flavour and satisfying bitter finish.
Cameron's Galactico Blonde Beer Cameron's Brewery British Beer 4.2% This beer features a superb blend of three hop varieties which combine to provide a fruity nose, sharp citrus flavour and hints of peppery spice on the finish. Hops used: Galaxy, Mosaic, and Styrian Goldings.
Kirkstall Kriek Fruit Beer Kirkstall Brewery British Beer 4.3% A brilliant cherry wheat beer with a strong fruity taste.
Lupuloid Indian Pale Ale Beavertown British Beer 6.7% A 6.7% ABV India Pale Ale. The most notable thing is that it is our first straight up IPA, no funny business, just malt, yeast, water and hops. Lots of hops. I guess it only took us four years!
Clwb Tropicana Tropical IPA Tiny Rebel American Beer 5.5% This grown up fruit salad is as colourful as the most hideous Hawaiian shirt you’ve ever seen. It’s super juicy and crammed full of fruity hop flavours that will have your mouth watering. Imagine sitting by the pool in the blazing sun with a cocktail in one hand, but instead of a dainty little glass it’s served by the pint! Packed full of American hops, amplified by Peach, Passionfruit, Pineapple and Mango flavours!
Beavertown Neck Oil IPA IPA Beavertown British Beer 4.3% Our every day, all day, easy drinking, go to IPA. This started life as a home-brew. We wanted to create a light, crisp, punchy, go to beer! Extra pale base malts are used to keep it crisp.
Rhubarb Cider Snails Bank British Beer 4.0% A real apple cider infused with tart Rhubarb and blended with vanilla for a smooth session cider.
Elderflower Gin & Tonic Cider Snails Bank British Beer 4.0% Subtle apple aromas mixed with a delicate bitterness from the G&T and a fruity sweetness from the Elderflower. Perfect English Refreshment.
Waddlegoose Three Berry Cyder Cider Aspall British Beer 4.0% Modern cyder calls for a modern apple. Waddlegoose takes a deliciously fresh approach mixing in new apple varieties bred to be mouth-wateringly crisp and flavoursome.
Cracklin' Rosie Cider Celtic Marches British Beer 4.5% Cracklin’ Rosie is made from 100% pressed pear juice. It is a medium perry and the taste is fine and delicate – it is light in colour with a very slight green hue.
Cuckoo Penny Cider Snails Bank British Beer 4.0% Liberally Infused With Rhubarb Juice. Yorkshire Triangle Timperley Rhubarb Juice combined with Herefordshire Cider to produce a taste of the English Countryside.
Celtic Warrior Cider Weymouth British Beer 5.5% Produced from a blend of our more mature ciders, usually from the past two years. The result is a cider with a full depth of colour, a matured flavour with a smooth, balanced finish.
Cider with Blackberry and Elderflower Cider Sheppy's British Beer 4.0% Produced on their farm in Somerset. It is a delicious combination of dessert apple cider with blackberry juice and elderflower infusion. It is a crimson-red cider scented with aromatic elderflower and with the slight fruity sharpness natural to hedgerow blackberries. Best served chilled.
Kentish Pip Cider Kentish Pip British Beer 4.0% A well balanced, deeply complex still cider with all the excitement and intrigue of Autumn. Blended with a mix of damsons, rowan berries, rosehips, elderberries and many others.
Lilley's Cider Cider Lilley's British Beer 6.0% Lilley’s Sunset Cider is a rich and fruity rustic cider. Cloudy and medium sweet, it is bursting with apple flavour.
Strawberry Cider Broadoak British Beer 4.0% A delicious blend of our cider with Strawberries imparting a uniquely delicate balanced taste of summer.

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